Travis Gerber

Attorney at Law
As a fifth generation attorney, Travis was inspired to carry on the family legacy from an early age. After law school, Travis served as a court master, which is a position similar to that of a judge. This experience, coupled with his stint in local business, has given him great insight into what it takes to successfully represent individuals and businesses alike.

Zach Gerber

Attorney at Law
Zach has known he wanted to become an attorney since the sixth grade. Since that time, he has worked diligently to strengthen his knowledge of the law, litigation, and legal writing and research. Most importantly, he has made a point of consistently serving the people of Elko through a wide range of community outreach programs along the way.

A. Grant Gerber

Founding Attorney
Grant was the founding partner at Gerber Law Offices, LLP. He founded the firm in 1980 and practiced law in Northern Nevada for over 36 years. Grant dedicated his life to the protection and free use of private lands. He lived like Gandhi, a lawyer turned activist who untiringly fought for the independence of his country and gave his life in liberty and love.