Travis Gerber

Attorney at law

Travis and Zach are brothers and fifth-generation Nevadans from Elko County. Their father, A. Grant Gerber, started Gerber Law Offices and they now carry on the family legacy.

As a young man, Travis knew that he wanted to work and serve as an attorney. Since that time, Travis has gained extensive experience in both business and the law that is invaluable to his clients today. He also speaks fluent Spanish for his clients that need it.

Zachary Gerber

Attorney at law

Zach was born and raised in the Elko area as a fifth generation Nevadan. Zach and his brother Travis practiced law with their father and have continued their practice today.

Zach has acquired a variety of strengths as a small business owner and attorney. He is known for his business acumen, his attention to detail, and his firm grasp for both legal writing and legal research.

Practice Areas

Working Together to Attain the Best Resolutions for Our Clients

The gerber difference


At our firm, hardly anyone disputes a bill. We charge a fair price, and we never do superfluous work. We do everything that's necessary to win and nothing that is not. And, of course, we work our hardest whether your case is large or small. 


We believe you should be able to reach your attorney directly. That’s why we make a point to answer when you need us. If we’re ever unavailable, you can be sure we’ll get right back to you as soon as humanly possible.


Our clients appreciate that we obtain favorable results in a reasonable amount of time. Though we’re known for moving quickly, we also work carefully. We never sacrifice quality for sheer speed alone. 

Knowledge, History, Success

Prevented Us from Going to Court

I am the President of an out of state corporation. I called Gerber Law Offices, LLP to help settle a contract dispute. Travis helped us identify the issues that needed to be resolved and create a strategy to resolve the dispute. Zachary was able to negotiate with opposing attorneys from Nevada and Florida and settle the matter. Ultimately, Gerber Law Offices, LLP collected over $1.1 million without us having to appear in court.

President, Idaho Corporation

Amazing Service

After I was involved in a car accident, Zachary Gerber, Esq. recovered over $100,000 for my medical expenses, lost wages, and recovery. He was available for me to meet with him one-on-one at his office and always answered my telephone calls.

David, Winnemucca, Nevada

"The view we each got from the bench forever changed the way we practice law." ― Travis Gerber

Se Habla Español

To be more accessible to those that need our services, Travis is fluent in Spanish and can help you or your loved one through their legal matters. Everyone deserves a chance to have access to quality legal representation, and we are constantly striving to provide that for our community.

Cultivating an Invaluable Skill Set 

If we hadn’t each worked directly under judges in the past, we wouldn’t understand how crucial a clear and concise brief truly is. Since we gained this precious insight, we've practiced streamlining our messages in the shortest and most compelling manner possible. This know-how is priceless to our practice. 

lay the foundation for a bright future
get the guidance you need

Providing a happier life for you & your family

striving to make you strong, prosperous, & empowered

Though we practice in a variety of areas, our overarching goals are the same. We seek to improve the lives of Elko residents in whatever way we can. Specifically, we strive we protect your health and wealth so you can have the necessary foundation to go on and live your best life. 


Few things are more important than your physical well-being. We understand how difficult it can be to fulfill your greatest desires when you’re busy tending to your basic needs. Thus, we will do everything in our power to get you well again. Furthermore, if your injuries were the result of another’s negligence, we will fight to ensure that justice is served. After all, it’s essential that you both attain the finances needed to recover and prevent others from suffering the same fate.


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have a special bond with our business law clients. We assist small business owners with entity and contract formation in order protect them from liability and pave the way toward a successful financial future. We are also there to resolve any disputes that arise along the way.


Everyone deserves the opportunity to design their ideal legacy, and we believe estate planning is a critical component. We can help you determine whether your needs would be best served through a will or trust, or assist you with completing the process of probate if your loved one has already passed away.