Gerber Law Offices, LLP Jan. 9, 2017

After being involved in an accident or sustaining an injury, it can seem like a daunting task to determine whether to contact an attorney, and even more, to know which attorney to contact. This post is written to help answer some of those concerns, so that you know what will happen when you first call an attorney. Not all attorneys are alike, so this post is written specifically about what happens when you call an accident and injury attorney in Elko, Nevada.

First, when you call an attorney’s office a receptionist or legal assistant will answer your call. The secretary will ask you for your name and what you are calling about. After providing your name, you can explain what type of accident you were in (e.g. automobile accident) or what type of injury you have sustained. Once this information has been obtained, the secretary will place you on hold and transfer you to speak with an attorney.

Second, when the attorney comes on the line, the attorney will introduce himself, and will ask you more information specific to your accident or injury. These questions may sound something like: Were you driving when the accident occurred? Was an accident report taken by a police officer? Have you been treating with any doctors? Do you have automobile or health insurance? These questions will help the attorney determine how to best proceed in counseling you with your injury. The attorney will then ask for your contact information (i.e. telephone number, address, etc.), and then will set-up an appointment where you can meet with the attorney face to face.

Third, when you go into meet with the attorney, remember to take your auto insurance declaration page, any documents or bills that you obtained from your doctor, and any information on an accident report or on any other individuals that may have been involved in or witnessed the accident or injury. Present these documents to the attorney. Copies will be made for the attorney’s file.

Fourth, the lawyer will take you into his office or conference room, and speak with you concerning your accident or injury. The lawyer will find out more information on how you were injured and find out information to determine how to counsel you and remedy the situation. At that point, the attorney will determine if more information needs to be located, and will counsel you on whether you will be able to recover for your injuries and will provide you with a few options for ways to proceed. You will either counsel with the attorney and determine what is the best course to take at that time, or will prioritize the possible courses that you can take to recover.

Fifth, depending on your accident or injury and the discussions mentioned above, the attorney may provide you with a fee agreement. This agreement is basically your contract to employ the attorney to represent you. The lawyer will explain the agreement to you. Part of the agreement will explain how the attorney will be paid. The attorney will likely be paid on contingency, which means that the attorney will only recover a percentage of your settlement. This means that the lawyer will not be paid, unless you are paid.

This initial consultation is painless, but is one of the most important meetings that you will have in the road to recovery. The consultation will not cost you anything, it is free. Thus, there is nothing to lose in calling an attorney to determine if you can recover from an accident or injury. Although, it is imperative that you do not hesitate to call because the laws of the state may limit your claim if you wait too long.

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