Travis & Zach Gerber

Attorneys at Law

We both wanted to become attorneys from a very young age. Our father was a successful lawyer who dedicated his life to helping those in need of legal assistance. Since middle school, our goal was to follow in his footsteps, and we like to think that we have made him proud.

With more than 25 years of combined experience under our belt, we know what it takes to seek compensation for our clients’ injuries. As fifth-generation Nevadans from Elko County, we are committed to helping those in our community.

When Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Your case may have a greater chance of success than you thought.

In most cases of an injury caused by negligence or carelessness, you will need an attorney on your side. Hiring an attorney is almost always your best decision, but there are some situations where an attorney is absolutely necessary. Read below to learn more.

When Hiring an Attorney is a Necessity for Your Personal Injury Case

Your Injuries Are Serious

Some accidents result in serious injuries that can last a lifetime, such as paralysis or emotional trauma. Though no amount of money can make up for a lifetime of suffering, it can certainly help pay for expenses that result from your injury.

The Insurance Companies Aren’t Cooperating

Just like a grocery store or lawn care service, the purpose of an insurance company is to make a profit. As a result, they're going to offer you a minimal amount of compensation, regardless of whether or not it actually covers your costs.

Liability Has Not Yet Been Identified

Authorities may not have established who was at fault for your injury. In this case, we will gather the necessary evidence to ensure your rights are protected throughout the process so you have a fair chance of receiving due compensation.

Don’t Let Negligence Go Without Justice


Why Choose Gerber Law Offices, LLP, for Your Personal Injury Case?

Compassionate Care

We understand that seeking compensation can be frustrating, confusing, and overwhelming. We’re here to help you through by making the process as understandable and smooth as possible.

Se Habla Español

If you or your loved one’s first language is Spanish, Travis can help you seek reimbursement for your injuries. Fair compensation should be accessible to everyone, and we can help you with that.

Hometown Service

We were born and raised in Elko County, like the four generations before us. When a member of our community is in need, we will jump at the opportunity to guide them towards a favorable result.

Don’t Go Through This Process
Without a Strong Advocate at Your Side

You may have thought that hiring an attorney to work your case would not be a financially responsible decision. On the contrary, letting an Elko, Nevada attorney lead your case will likely be worth the outcome. We have the knowledge, tools, and resources to heighten your chances of receiving a larger settlement than if you were to take on this challenge alone.